Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tools - Marquee

as always..
click NEW on the FILE bar..

choose any resolution you wants as this is a test to use the tools..
now click on Rectangular Marquee Tool or M as the hotkey on the keyboard..

on the canvas.. click and drag the marquee tool to make a rectangular shape as shown in the following image.. by holding shift, you can create a perfect dashed square.. this dashed line is called Selection..

now click the Paint Bucket tools or G and click inside the dashed line..
this action will fill in color only in the dashed line..

then, press Ctrl+D/deselect to remove the dashed line..

There are 4 types of marquee tools..
you can check them by right clicking on the tools..

but i only use 2 of them in Photoshop that is Rectangular and Elliptical..
to use Elliptical Marquee is the same way as using Rectangular Marquee..
it's just that Elliptical Marquee makes oval and round dashed shape/Selection.. 

we can use Marquee Tools to fill colour in the selection..
or we can even use it to delete some part of an image/object..

for example : i snap a picture from the web by pressing Print Screen on the keyboard.. and Ctrl+V(Paste) in Photoshop..

and then i used the Elliptical Marquee tool and drag around the bunny image..

right now.. the round dashed line is selecting the bunny image..
what im going to do is to remove the image outside of the round dashed line..
from here, i need to invert the selection..
click on the Select Menu and click on Inverse.. there's also shorcut key given beside the Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I)

now the selection is now inversed..
press Delete on the keyboard..
and the selection will be removed..
press Ctrl+D to remove the selection..

hope you can get some useful knowledge from this.. 

Tools - Paint Bucket

as always..
click NEW on the FILE bar..

choose any resolution you wants as this is a test to use the tools..
and simply click on the Paint Bucket tools or press G as the hotkey on the keyboard..

choose the color that you desired by clicking on the foreground box at the bottom left corner of Photoshop screen..

now what you have to do is just click on the canvas..
and there you have it.. the canvas is now filled with the color you desired..

Tools - Brush

open up your Adobe Photoshop..
and click NEW on the FILE bar..


this is just to test out the tools...
so you can use any resolution you wants..
and click ok..


when you hover your mouse pointer on any tools for a sec or two..
there'll be a pop-up telling the name of the tool and the hotkey for them..
for now..
let's start with Brush.. (B is the hotkey for Brush)


at the bottom left of Photoshop screen..
there are two small boxes of foreground and background color..
we'll be clicking on the foreground box and choose a colour for our brush..


while using the brush..
you can set the diameter of the brush by pressing [ or ] on the keyboard..
[ to reduce and ] is to increase the size of the brush..
or you can even just right clicking on the white canvas..
here, you can even set the brush size, hardness and the type of brush you're using..


now start brushing all over the canvas..
with brush, you can draw, you can write and you can even erase with correct colour..
remember that you can always play with colour in the foreground box..


play around with the mode, opacity and the flow of the brush to get used with it..

by presing F5 a window for brush will pop-up..
here, i use the Shape Dynamics and Scattering..


after setting up the Shape Dynamics and Scattering as following image..
click and drag all over the canvas..
and the results will be like this..


that's all for Brush basics that i know..
i'll be updating this later if i get to know something new..

P/S : i think im kinda lazy today..
i started to make this entry at 3am and it's already 5am..

Introduction.. :D

this blog was made specially for Photoshop tutorials..
i'm not a PRO in Photoshop and im just a beginner..
though im gonna teach you a bit of basic that i know in Photoshop..
so this is some information in Photoshop..

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